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Is your child undecided?

First of all, don’t worry. We understand that this is a difficult decision to make. With the wide variety of choices; the new concepts such as apprenticeships to consider and the likely stresses of exams it can be hard to work out what is best.

At our college you can access impartial advice from any of our student advisers. Meaning that they won’t only tell you what’s best for you at our college but what is best for you based on your interests and regardless of the college.

In addition you can organise an informal meeting with any of our course teams to ask the questions you may have or simply for a tour of the building a chat about our offer and to get a ‘feel’ of what life at Hartlepool College is like and if it would suit your son or daughter.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Student Support team on 01429 295000 or email


Whatever course you choose, you'll get the highest level of training from specialist tutors, benefiting from their knowledge and experience of working not just in education but also in industry.