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College Collaboration Fund (CCF)

What is the CCF?

The college collaboration fund (CCF) was a peer-support programme to help FE colleges to collaboratively address shared quality improvement priorities and share good practice. The CCF ran from 2020 to 2022 and supported a range of projects. FE providers can continue to access and benefit from the CCF legacy of free to use resources and learning generated by these projects.

College Collaboration Fund at Hartlepool College of Further Education for 2021/22

The College led a project called Coaching for Performance Improvement which involved Bishop Auckland College, Newcastle College and East Durham College. We and Bishop Auckland focused on coaching to aid performance in teaching, learning and assessment practice. Newcastle College focused on coaching to aid the performance of its apprenticeship delivery and East Durham focused coaching to aid general leadership and management.

Key resources (see associated documents below)

1. Coaching resources: coaching books, blogs and videos.
2. Coaching at HCFE.
3. An example of coaching narrative
4. What to coach – teaching, learning & assessment handbook
5. What to coach – lesson start

Conference talks

1. Association of Colleges: Rethinking quality, teaching, learning and assessment 
2. Association of School & College Leaders: Sharing Good Practice from the CC

Associated documents

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