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Start Date 
7 Mar 2019
End Date 
10 Oct 2019
Part Time
Target audience 

  • Gym Instructors wishing to pursue a career in the health and fitness
    sector as personal trainers
  • Individuals, who already hold a gym instructor qualification, wishing to
    become self-employed running their own personal training
Entry requirements 

  • A suitable Level 2 qualification in Gym Instructing
  • The course requires physical exertion and individual participation is
    essential, therefore a degree of physical fitness is necessary
  • There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and
    writing) and application of number involved, and learners should have basic
    skills in communication and application of number pitched at levels 3 and 2
Course content 

  • Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical
  • Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health
  • Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme
  • Programming personal training with clients
  • Delivering personal training sessions
Assessment criteria 

  • Theory paper
  • Case study
  • Worksheet

  • Summative observed session

  • Session self-evaluation



  • This qualification provides progression to higher level industry

  • Learners may also progress onto qualifications in related sectors, like
    Sports Massage, where they will be provided with the knowledge and skills to
    practice sports massage alongside personal training in the health club
    environment or own business

  • Alternatively, learners may broaden their knowledge and skills by
    progressing onto qualifications mapping to additional branches of the Level 3
    Standards, such as Exercise Referral and Leisure Management

  • The qualification will provide knowledge and practical skills to enhance
    provision alongside other academic courses such as: National Diploma in Sports
    Studies, A' level PE and HND in Sport and Leisure
Other information 

  • A fitness instuctor/personal trainer's role includes designing and
    implementing exercise programmes for a range of individual clients by
    collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness of
    personal exercise programmes

  • A personal trainer should also actively encourage potential
    clients/members to join and adhere to regular exercise programmes, employing
    appropriate motivational strategies to achieve this

  • To provide learners with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology,
    functional kinesiology and concepts and components of fitness

  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to successfully gather
    and analyse client information using the most accepted techniques

  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to assess a client's
    current health and fitness status

  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to plan and
    conduct a physical activity session, within a variety of environments using
    multiple resources

  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to perform a client
    consultation using the most accepted methods and providing strategies for
    successful behaviour change

  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to
    communicate effectively to build successful relationships with their clients
    and other health care professionals

  • To provide learners with the knowledge to be able to prepare for
    employment or to set up in business on a self-employed basis

  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to manage,
    evaluate and improve their own performance

  • To provide learners with the knowledge to be able to offer nutritional
    advice for physical activity based on client's needs
19+ Adult
19+ adult
Higher Education
higher education
Employers & parents
employers & parents

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