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Target audience 

BS4872 applies to a wide range of general fabrication work where an approved welding procedure test is not required.

Entry requirements 

Our instructor will first of all discuss the welder's experience and personal aims and/or the company's objectives for that specific welder, so that all parties can fully understand and agree the levels that need to be attained.

Course content 

Welds would usually be carried out in accordance with written instructions and the test weld, subject to visual or surface inspection, a bend and fracture test.

Depending on particular weld configuration, each test can cover a range of welding variables e.g. material thickness and welding position. This welder competency test does not require formal signatures to stay current, however the standard recommends re-approval every two years and states that the re-approval of the welder shall take place if:

  • The welder is required to work outside the scope of their current approval
  • The welder changes their employer without transfer of their certificate
  • Six months or more have elapsed since the welder undertook any welding
  • There is a specific reason to question the welder's ability
Teaching & Learning 

Practical assessment with a highly qualified TWI (The Welding Institute) welding instructor.

Assessment criteria 

Competence is assessed through observation and practical tasks.


ASME IX/BSEN ISO 9606 Weld Test

Other information 

Commercial bookings only

This course is delivered on a commercial basis therefore fee remission does not apply. For more information on fees or anything else relating to this programme Please contact Sam.

Fees include City & Guilds registration, certification, use of Requirements for Electrical Installations manual, refreshments, lunch and free car parking. Group discounts available



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