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Start Date 
16 Sep 2019
End Date 
3 Jul 2020
Full Time
Target audience 

A programme of study aimed at those who wish to gain a specialist vocational qualification in the Art & Design sector. This course is designed to progress students to Level 3 qualifications in Art and Design. The Level 2 Diploma qualification in Art & Design is validated by Pearson Edexcel.

Entry requirements 

For learners who have recently been in education, the profile is likely to include one of the following:

  • College's One Award Level 1 Foundation Information & Creative Technologies
  • A BTEC Level 1 qualification in Art & Design in a related vocational area
  • A standard of literacy and numeracy supported by a general education equivalent to four GCSEs at Grade D-E
  • Other related Level 1 qualifications
  • Related work experience

More mature learners may present a more varied profile of achievement that is likely to include experience of paid and/or unpaid employment.

Applicants must be aware that if students do not have a GCSE Grade 'C' or above in Maths and/or English, then they will have to undertake further study in these subjects as part of their programme of study in addition to the main 'core' qualifications.

Course content 

Units offered include:

  • Working with Graphic Design Briefs
  • 2D Visual Communication
  • 3D Visual Communication
  • Working with Interactive Briefs
  • Contextual references in Art and Design
  • Working in the Art & Design Industry

Students will also learn to manage time, take responsibility for their own work and become self-reliant. There is an expectation that students will work in their own time to complete the necessary reading, homework and assessment tasks.

Assessment criteria 

Assessment is a mix of assignments and projects which build to a portfolio of work. All assessments are internally set and marked against Edexcel set criteria. Each unit is graded at either Pass, Merit or Distinction with an overall grade awarded on the successful completion of all modules.


On completion of the course, students can progress to a further education course aimed at Level 3 attainment.

Other information 

The college will recruit learners to BTEC qualifications with integrity. It is expected that students will make every effort to attend all sessions. Students must have a commitment to completing the course. Those with work and/or family commitments should be aware of the duration of the course and the need to attend all classes.

The college will take appropriate steps to assess each applicant's potential and make a professional judgement about their ability to complete the programme of study successfully and achieve the qualification. This will include ensuring that applicants have appropriate information and advice about the qualification and that the qualification will meet their needs.
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Application & Enrolment

You are able to apply online for all courses, however to complete your course enrolment fully, you will need to have an interview and then be accepted onto a course. The only courses available to enrol online are Full Cost courses, if you wish to enrol on any other course please call into Student Services or call 01429 295000.

Full Cost course fees are inclusive of VAT.

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