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COVID 19 ~ Message from the Principal ~ Update 16.06.2020

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To be honest, we’ve never been away but over the last few months we’ve done things differently and now I’m pleased to highlight the College buildings will partially re-open from Monday 22 June.

The key principle is the health, safety and well-being of the College’s staff, students and the wider community.  With this in mind, please read this short Q&A update.

I’m studying at the College now, will I need to return?

The vast majority of students WILL NOT NEED TO RETURN to the College.  Your grades are being adapted, calculated and sent off to awarding organisations where they will be analysed with other students’ grades from across the country.  There are a small number of students who need to return to complete the practical elements of their qualifications for 2019/20.  Please speak to your tutor for clarification.

ONLY IF INVITED TO RETURN, you will shortly receive specific information related to new operations at the College.

I’m an apprentice, will I need to return? / I employ apprentices, will they return?

Again, the vast majority of apprentices will not need to return immediately.  Returning apprentices will be the ones who: 

  • need to complete a qualification to enter gateway for End Point Assessment (EPA)
  • are close to their expected end date
  • need to complete a qualification to pass mid-apprenticeship gateways
  • are in the *delay phase
  • are sitting an EPA
  • are returning from a break in learning
  • are returning from furlough   

Some other apprentices will also start to get visits from work-based assessors. Again, speak to you tutor or work-based assessor for clarification

ONLY IF INVITED TO RETURN, you will shortly receive specific information related to new operatins at the College.

I’m a current student and want to take another course next year, what happens now?

If this hasn’t been done already, someone from the College will be in touch with regards to 20/21 courses.  We believe we can complete this process remotely, that said we will bring in some students to complete this process in the usual way so that we can test new ways of working for the start of the new academic year.

I’ve applied to do a course at the College next year, what happens now?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been communicating to next year’s students by phone, text and social media.  This will continue over the coming weeks and you will receive video messages from me and other key folk at the College.  We’re working on the detail with regards to next year’s courses – things will have to be done differently, but you can be rest assured of receiving a high quality experience.

Thanks for reading this update.  Please bear with us at this time, COVID19 has had an impact on the College’s operations and I want to ensure that students return in the safest possible way.

Darren Hankey (Principal)







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