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Covid 19 ~ Update - Students Q & A - 14.04.2020

COVID-19 Update Students Q&A: 14 April 2020

As the College and the nation enters the fourth week of lockdown students have, quite understandably, been asking lots of questions.  The aim of this update is to provide clarity in an uncertain situation.

Well-being & support

First of all, we know that some students have reported the current situation has had an impact on their well-being.  Furthermore, other students have made contact with regards to the types of financial support available.  Please see this link for the ways the College can provide support

Questions from current students and apprentices



1 How do I submit an assessment if it is written and I don’t have a scanner?


If this work is saved in Word, it can be emailed to your tutor or shared via Canvas.  Via a smartphone, a photo of handwritten work can be taken and then shared with teachers via email/Canvas.

2 I received an email from the college the other day stating that students would be receiving their predicted grades as exams and coursework won’t be able to be completed. I was just wondering if that includes apprentices also?


See answers to questions 7 and 8

3 How do I reset passwords and log on to Canvas


Passwords can be reset via the log-in screen.  If it’s not possible to reset it this way, please contact your tutor or email

4 Where do I direct a query re my personal statement


Any careers, personal statement, CV, job interview query can be sent to either or

5 How do I contact my tutor to compete course work


All tutors/teachers should be available on-line

6 When will college re-open?


We’re still awaiting government guidance, this is expected by Thursday 16 April.  That said, with France & Italy recently extending their lockdowns


Regular communication from the College will keep you abreast of any developments

7  I’ve heard that my final grades will be decided by my teachers based on the work I’ve done previously, is this true? 


Day by day we are receiving more and more information from the Department for Education on how students’ outcomes will be calculated due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Currently we know that ALL GCSEs will be calculated on student evidence gathered by teachers. WE HAVE YET TO GET THE EXACT DETAIL FROM THE AWARDING BODY ON WHAT THIS EVIDENCE WILL BE.

Currently we know the same will apply for most VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS. However, we are awaiting a list of qualifications that this will apply to. WE HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THIS PUBLISHED LIST. 

For HE and Access students we have been told that student work completed before the college closed and during the social distancing phase can be used to inform student decisions. HOWEVER, WE AWAIT MORE DETAIL ON HOW THIS WILL BE APPLIED SO NOT TO DISADVANTAGE LEARNERS

We have no specific guidance as of yet on how the above applies to APPRENTICES.

8 –Should I still be completing my work from home?

The simple answer is a resounding YES! As I have said there is limited information as of yet on how the grades will be calculated so any work you can do now may positively influence the grade. 

Also remember that this is education not qualification. The knowledge, skills and behaviours you will take from the remote teaching & learning your teachers are providing will be essential to your success in your chosen career. A failure to pick up valuable knowledge now could leave you at a disadvantage as you progress to your next qualification or into your career. 



Questions from students interested in courses for 2020/21



1 I’ve applied for a course at the College will this be followed up?

For those students who are looking to apply to the College for 2020/21, see the information at the bottom of the link below.

For course information, the College’s website is current and detail relating to all curriculum areas is available online.  If you feel information is missing; please feel free to contact the Student Services team – details in the link below.

2 When will I hear about interviews and their place at college?

3 How do I apply and complete application forms?

4 How do I general course information

5 Apprenticeship enquiries
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