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The College’s mission is to provide excellence in further and higher education to transform students’ lives. A key part of this is to ensure students gain the right knowledge, skills and qualifications to help them progress.  Additionally, and just as important, a key focus it to ensure our students also develop the right behaviours and attitudes to progress as well. One of the ways we aim to develop students’ behaviour and attitudes is via RESPECT

RESPECT has been a key part and parcel of our life at the College since 2007.  The College’s RESPECT platform comprises a series of annual events, the Big Picture and a key part of the College’s taught tutorial programme. 

These are our values:

  • Being responsible and answerable for your actions.
  • Valuing each other’s opinions and perspectives.
  • Encouraging everyone to take care of the College.
  • Championing education.
  • Caring for others.
  • Being honest and open about what we do and the way we do it.




Whatever course you choose, you'll get the highest level of training from specialist tutors, benefiting from their knowledge and experience of working not just in education but also in industry.