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Incredible Journeys

Incredible Journeys

Every year students of all ages and backgrounds walk through the doors of Hartlepool College embarking on their own incredible journey, and now is the time for you to start yours!

You can be inspired by the incredible journeys of just some of our former students. You’ll find parents that have juggled childcare with their education, gaining that university degree and being an inspirational role model to their children. You will read about the many learners that have taken the leap and trained in their passion, forging careers in their dream roles whether that is as a chef, an artist, an engineer or a teacher. Ultimately you will find incredible journeys that have found their lives changed by the power of education. Take some time to read these stories and start planning the start of your own incredible journey >> HERE


Mother and daughter have become an inspiration to others after telling of how they left behind their jobs as a cleaner and barmaid to become a doctor and a scientist. Allison and Gabrielle Corbett are now both successful career women despite coming out of their schools without the greatest of grades. But after seeing her mum head back into the classroom at Hartlepool College of Further Education following a succession of low paid jobs, Gabrielle also returned to her studies and is now a qualified science teacher. 
Read More about Allison and Gabrielle's Incredible Journey >> http://bit.ly/IJStory1


College Life Prospectus

Don’t know where to start?
Let us help you. Our College Life magazine lists a wide variety of courses that we have on offer. These are courses that are predominantly targeted at adults, they are often part-time in nature and delivered either on an evening or flexible to tackle some of the barriers adults face to education. Our Higher Education prospectus is just that, a guide to the courses we deliver at higher education levels 4 – 7. We split these courses by industry area so it is easier to see what is on offer for the career path of your choice.  
Adult and Part-time Guide - View >> http://bit.ly/HCFEPtDe1 Download >> http://bit.ly/HCFEPtDe1D

Want more detail?
Find more detail on each course by using our course search tool. Here you’ll get a course overview, start and end dates and can start your application process >> http://bit.ly/hcfepthe

What happens next?
Once you’ve applied you’ll be contacted and invited to interview. At interview, a subject specialist will discuss your suitability to the course and set the expectations.

Student Support at Hartlepool College

Student support
Ok we know it is not as easy as that, you’ll have questions on finance, access, progression and probably lots more. Don’t worry, firstly we will discuss lots of this at interview with you but if you want to more information now our award-winning student support team are here to help. Pop into college or contact them on 01429 295000  

Good luck – let’s start that incredible journey #IncredibleJourneys

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