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It's Never OK

It's Never OK Display at Hartlepool College

#ItsNeverOK…to be a racist
#ItsNeverOK…to be ableist
#ItsNeverOK…to be homophobic
#ItsNeverOK…to be misogynistic
#ItsNeverOK…to be a bully
#ItsNeverOK…to be ageist

Whilst HARTS clearly defines the expectations we have of all students, there are some behaviours and attitudes that cannot be tolerated.  Many of these have been subject to global movements such as Me Too, Everyone’s Invited and Black Lives Matter. Via #ItsNeverOK, we aim to make it perfectly clear what is never tolerated at Hartlepool College of Further Education.

We will be highlighting topics across the academic year under our RESPECT initiative to engage with and raise awareness with the hope that students, whilst with us and once they leave are model citizens and enrich our society for the better, this term concentrating on sexual harm/abuse in light of the recent report from Ofsted - Review of Sexual Abuse Report (July 2021) Read/Download the full report here >>

If yourself is subjected to or you are witness to any racism, ableism, homophobia, misogyny, bullying, or ageism within the College, in person or online you can report it anonymously via our dedicated Support and Report website >>

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