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How can you maximise your chance of success?

One thing that is even more important at the moment is how you demonstrate your resilience, particularly during Covid-19, and the things you have done to increase your commercial awareness, your digital skills, telephone communication skills and perhaps something even more distinctive. These examples could make a huge difference in getting an interview, whether than be for an apprenticeship or for a full/part time role, particularly if you have been active during lockdown. Commercial awareness is very important; we all need to be aware of what is going on in the world. Why not check out, which is a daily news site condensed onto one page, and it is free for anyone to sign up to. ​

Covid-19 has certainly increased levels on uncertainty in relation to the job market. But now is the perfect time to harness the information and top tips readily available at your finger tips online; with a little research, persistence and a positive mindset, you CAN put yourself out there infront of employers to help YOU stand out from the crowd. Chris Jones, Managing Director of Think Specialist Recruitment shares his thoughts on what to expect and how you can make your mark with employers here


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