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Graduation Ceremony

Here at Hartlepool College, we are very proud of our Higher Education students.  We hope to see you all at graduation, to celebrate your achievements! You can now sign up to attend your Higher Education Graduation Ceremony!

The 2020 ceremony date will be confirmed soon. Gown hire will be charged at £25. We will limit the amount of guests to 2 each for now, and let you all know closer to the time if any extra seats are available. There is no extra charge for guests. The link to apply is here:

Please note, if you fail to achieve your qualification, you will be unable to graduate and you will receive a full refund from Academy Graduations for your gown hire. Any outstanding debts owed to the University will result in you not being eligible to attend graduation. If you have any queries regarding graduation or any special requests please contact Sam-Amy Kidson on 01429857199 or via email:






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