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ADHD Artist’s Inspiring Creative Triumph

Fretti Wright in Art Studio (College)
Fretti Wright, in Art Studio at Hartlepool College of Further Education 

Here at Hartlepool College, we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each student. Our commitment to inclusivity shines through with this story of Fretti Wright, a 19-year-old creative arts student with ADHD, whose artistic journey exemplifies this ethos. Fretti is now thriving after showcasing her work in local art galleries and setting up her own business. Fretti was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder last year having struggled for years to focus on certain things.

She has now had her work exhibited at Hartlepool Art Gallery and Richmond Art Gallery, while she is selling her art as merchandise, creating items such as pencil cases, fabric pouches, hats, and scrunchies.

Fretti has named her business The ADHDeer, carrying a logo of a deer skull as the inspiration and playing on the term often used to describe someone suffering from the condition.

Fretti Wrights Art Work
Some of Fretti's amazing pieces of art; decorated animal skull, pencil case and sketch book

She said: “I want to inspire others by showing that life isn’t linear, you can do what you want with ADHD, you just have to find something that works for you. As well as having ADHD, I am a chronic pain sufferer, potentially disabled, so I struggle to work 9-5 pm. I missed art so wanted it back in my life and that led me to being a business owner. My business revolves around my needs, so the focus is on not just one thing. I will do a range of things, make them and sell them. That’s my business. I love nature, I studied biology, geography, and zoology, so that is a prominent theme within every aspect of my work.”

Fretti was the first person to sell her work within 15 minutes of being displayed in Hartlepool. She was then invited to display her water colour insects at the 11th Coastal Cornucopia Exhibition in Richmond where she was told to put her “prices up because of the quality”.

She said: “It’s quite cool to say I am 19 and I am in two art galleries. I have more exciting things coming up, but I can’t speak about those yet. People didn’t take me seriously with my support needs before this. I literally could go home and not be able to move because my brain was going that fast. I felt hopeless at times because I didn’t think my brain would allow me to do a job or gain a degree. It’s been a big struggle emotionally. I always felt I was never as good as others. When I was at school I left with one A* grade in art and that was an eye-opener. From there things have grown.”

Fretti is studying on the Level 4 Professional Diploma in Creative Enterprise and the former Dyke House Academy student is impressing her tutors here at College.

Lauren Morrell, Lecturer in Creative Enterprise, said: “From the first phone call I had with Fretti when she was in Greece on turtle conservation she has flourished. I want to share her work with people. She has been a model example for this programme. She has a fantastic website being developed, gorgeous branding, a good quality product range and her writing style has developed. She is making money too. She is using ADHD to have a positive impact and that is fantastic and she is always keeping up with trends too.”

Fretti, added: “I am learning how to be a successful business owner at Hartlepool College and getting a lot of support with the complicated aspects of business such as finances and legalities, especially when you have ADHD it is confusing. I started the course in October. My life did a complete 160 to where I am now. I’m already proud of what I have achieved, doesn’t feel real. I’m always thinking of the next opportunity and want to keep it rolling and real.”

*You can follow Fretti on Instagram via @the.adhdeer or email for more information 



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