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COVID-19 Update


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UPDATE 17.03.2020

Hartlepool College of Further Education: COVID-19 guidance for students, parents, employers, stakeholders & visitors - Tuesday, 17 March 2020

The College takes seriously the role it plays in the community and the safety of all staff, students and visitors.  You will be aware that the government’s approach towards COVID-19 is one of suppression and this has led to more stringent self-isolation/social distancing measures - see the link here >>

Many of the new measures focus on suppressing social gatherings and with a College staff/student community of circa 5000 people, we feel it is our moral duty to take the necessary actions to safeguard staff, students and visitors.

With this in mind, the College will cease face-to-face teaching and this will apply to lessons due to commence from 18 March 2020.  It is envisaged that face-to-face lessons will continue on Monday 20 April 2020. 

The College will remain open; however, it is advised to contact staff via phone and/or online channels.


Support for all students will take place via on-line platforms and your tutor/teaching teams will make contact regarding the specific details.

Students in receipt of the bursary and free meals

The College’s Food Court will remain open between 1130-1330 until Friday 27 March. 

Students who feel they need support

If you require any support during this time, you can e-mail and this link is also available on the []student portal under the WARMS & Safeguarding section. 

 Open evening - 2 April 2020

This event will be postponed.  Please feel free to contact Student Services if you have any queries about courses for 2020/21.

Student interviews for 2020/21 courses

Student Services will be in touch  - planned interviews can be arranged by telephone.  Please feel free to contact Student Services if you have any queries about courses for 2020/21.

Luminary Gym, Salons and the Flagship Restaurant

For the time-being the gym will remain open.  Appointments in the salon and restaurant will be re-arranged.


All conferencing bookings will be re-arranged.

We will endeavour to keep you abreast of developments at the College during this difficult time. In the meantime, please be mindful of the government’s advice regarding self-isolation/social distancing >> look after yourself and each other.

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