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Students from the college’s hospitality and catering department are seeing a real growth in their curriculum with the creation of their very own herb garden.

The project has seen a former disused part of the college grounds turn into 30 feet of planting area for a wide array of garden herbs. Kevin Dove, hospitality and catering lecturer said, “We have been planning this project for some time with our students as they develop their wider knowledge of ingredients and the need to support sustainability in the food industry”.

The newly formed area will have a dual purpose of providing produce for the kitchen whilst also acting as a useful teaching and learning tool for students and staff. Furthermore, in the spirit of supporting local businesses all herb plants are locally supplied by Blackford Nurseries.

Nicholas Lewis, also a lecturer in the hospitality and catering department said, “We are preparing our students for a long and successful career in the food industry. We believe by making them aware, at a very early stage, where their ingredients come from as well as how they can be used, we are creating sustainability, promoting healthy eating and supporting our wonderful local businesses”.

All students studying hospitality and catering, across all levels, will benefit from this project. If you would like to #BeTheNext success in the hospitality and catering sector and see, ‘real growth’ apply now
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