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Well done

IT has been a busy day at Hartlepool College of FE with students across the town picking up their GCSE results this morning.

We had support staff at all of the secondary schools across Hartlepool and were on hand to pass on advice to students as they opened their envelopes.

Head of Student Recruitment Shaun Hope was at English Martyrs, while Helen Richardson went to St Hild’s, Andrea Willingham visited High Tunstall and Tina Preston attended Manor Community College.

Shaun said: “It is an exciting day for the young people of Hartlepool as they receive their grades and take the next step towards their dream career.

“It was great for the College to have a presence in so many of the town’s schools. I myself was at Martyrs, but I’ve had some excellent feedback from my colleagues who were in the other schools to offer support and advice.

“We look forward to welcoming them to the College in September.”

Referring to her visit to St Hild’s, Helen said: “It is always a nervous day for students when they are opening the exam results, but there were lots of happy faces at St Hild’s and we look forward to seeing the students who have chosen to further their education with us when term starts next month.”

Andrea, who represented the College at High Tunstall, added: “I spoke to a lot of students this morning, some who got the grades they needed to get apprenticeships, and others who may not have done as well as they’d have hoped but with such a variety of courses there are always options available to them.”

Tina, who went to Manor, said: “This is the time of the year when the students have some real decisions to make, and while they have plans in place it all depends on their exam results.

“After the excitement of finding out how they got on with their GCSEs, the next step is an important one and I spoke to a lot of students who have either secured a place with us for next term or expressed an interest in joining us, so it was a very worthwhile visit.”

Jo Liddell-Fisher, Head of Careers at English Martyrs, said: “This is a busy time for us, with the GCSE results coming a week after the A Levels.

“We have had a lot of support from the College to prepare the students for this day, it doesn’t just start when they find out how they have done.

“We have run a programme alongside the College in which we’ve done assemblies and different sessions as well as a preparation day which saw the students go through a variety of recruitment processes.

“It has worked really well, and this is something we will continue to do in the future because you can see from the amount of students who will take their next steps in education with the College that it has been a success.”

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