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Target audience 

This course targets those students who wish to extend their previous experience and skills, developing further the skills and knowledge achieved in Level 2.

Entry requirements 

A Level 2 in Bricklaying is required or a minimum of 5 years on site experience of bricklaying may be considered, a skills & knowledge test would be provided to those without the Level 2 qualification.

Course content 

The content of this course covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • Health & Safety
  • Storage and Handling
  • Communication Methods in the Construction Industry
  • Estimating Material Quantities
  • Knowledge of Building Technology
  • Setting Out and Construction of Complex Brickwork Angles
  • Decorative Brickwork Features
  • Fireplace Construction
  • Complex Brickwork Bonding
  • Drawing & Setting Out Arches
  • Curved Work
  • Repair & Maintenance of Structures

The candidates will also undertake the relevant Functional Skills (English, Maths or IT).

This programme is a mix of theory and practical and aims to bring together the various elements of the topics mentioned above that are used within the construction (Bricklayer) industry. Students will be exposed to a variety of teaching and learning methods including classroom-based sessions and practical sessions designed to cover a wide range of skills and methods, using a wide range of materials and equipment, some of which is highly specialised.

Assessment criteria 

A variety of assessment methods are used including assignments, portfolios of evidence, multiple-choice end tests, exams for functional skills, on-line tests and practical synoptic tests.


The course will prepare students for progression to an apprenticeship if available, or HE courses in the construction sector.

Other information 

Students will have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities, visits and skills competitions, when/if held.


Whatever course you choose, you'll get the highest level of training from specialist tutors, benefiting from their knowledge and experience of working not just in education but also in industry.

Application & Enrolment

You are able to apply online for all courses, however to complete your course enrolment fully, you will need to have an interview and then be accepted onto a course. The only courses available to enrol online are Full Cost courses, if you wish to enrol on any other course please call into Student Services or call 01429 295000.

Full Cost course fees are inclusive of VAT.

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