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Information for Prospective Parents/Carers

Helping young people decide on their future is not easy, but your role as a parent/carer is so important. 

Throughout school, learners are encouraged to explore different careers, and come Y10/Y11, some young people have already decided which route to take or career to pursue, and this is great, but this is not always the case. Some learners leave school still feeling unsure of the path they wish to take and some follow their friends. What's so important to remind them, is that being unsure or not knowing what to do is completely normal.

We, as Careers Advisers and Education Professionals - and you as Parents/Carers - are here to support and guide them through this new and challenging transition to College.

To help you, we need to make sure you have access to all the information you need to help and support your child as they navigate the next steps in their career/education journey. We have researched lots of useful and reliable careers websites to give you the best and most up to date knowledge and information available. With this information, we hope you are able to work with and support your child by exploring their options, researching websites and finding out their real passions and interests.


First off, we would like to draw your attention to our Careers Policy and Careers Programme of Activity. This will give you some information on the Careers, Welfare and Pastoral support that is available at College.

All learners are given the opportunity to receive a 1-1 careers information, advice and guidance appointment with one of our experienced Careers Advisers here at HCFE. Learners do not need to be a student at the College to access this service, and we would love to help anyone unsure of their next steps. Parents/carers are also welcome to drop by Student Support and receive a tour of the College (subject to staff availability). You will also get the opportunity of a tour at one of our interview evenings (subject to time of year, staff availability and demand). We also encourage parents/carers to attend our open events for information and advice on courses, careers and progression as well as financial support available at HCFE.

We also have a dedicated Labour Market Information page and lots of useful Careers Resources online to help you and young learners gain an understanding of job opportunities and job growth in the North East. These webpages are updated as frequently as possible and fall in line with the courses we offer at College.

Why not work with your child to complete the Careers Quiz too, to see what jobs match their personality type... You can have a go too - test out how accurate it is !?!

For further information on progression opportunities, you can access our embedded Progression Presentation

Parental engagement and feedback is important to us!

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on how we're doing! Please complete a short survey to help us improve our careers service. As a prospective parent, some of the questions may not be applicable, but the answers you are able to give will help us shape our programme going forward. If your child decides to enrol with this, we will also send out a Parent Survey during the first term - keep an eye out for this as your feedback and engagement can help us improve!

You can access external resources below and attached:

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Whatever course you choose, you'll get the highest level of training from specialist tutors, benefiting from their knowledge and experience of working not just in education but also in industry.