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Careers & Progression

With so many courses and careers available, sometimes it can be confusing deciding where to start and where a subject can take you. Because of this, we employ professionally trained careers advisers that have extensive experience supporting young people and adults into employment or further training.

They follow a professional code of conduct and are Matrix Standard accredited ensuring you receive impartial and confidential support. Furthermore, our advisers attend frequent careers events across different industries and universities so know what is happening in the job market and in Higher Education. Because of this you can be sure you are accessing modern, informed information advice and guidance.


Careers Education in College

All full-time students will have access to careers education sessions from induction to the end of their course(s). Staff and students can book sessions that cater to their group including specific labour market sessions, CV talks, job interviews, applying for apprenticeships/Higher Education plus many more. In 2016/17 the team delivered 128 careers education sessions across the college.


1:1 Support:

If you are unsure about your career pathway or confused about which course to do, then a 1:1 appointment may suit you – even before you join the College. All 1:1 sessions take part in confidential interview rooms and the information is only shared between advisers and the client. Parents/carers/guardians are also welcome.


Careers Advice in Schools:

Our adviser Helen Richardson works in schools across the region delivering impartial careers information advice and guidance. Helen works with all Hartlepool schools as well as across Tees Valley and Co.Durham. Just ask your teacher if you'd like to speak to Helen about courses/college options. Helen can also be contacted via HRichardson@Hartlepoolfe.ac.uk or via telephone on 01429 295111


Other Help:

  • Access to careers information including information about occupations, university and apprenticeship pathways
  • Information can be found on our Twitter account @HCFEAdvisers and we promote part-time and full-time jobs in Hartlepool at @HCFEVacancies
  • Help with employment, Higher Education choices and any other training/employment vacancies


Careers Advice with employers:

We work with employers and our staff on a range of events/industry-related aspects throughout the academic year. From Women into Engineering events to STEAM days, we'll always work with companies to see if we can give our students the best possible career experiences.


Careers Advice for adults (including parents and carers):

If you want to access advice as an adult, we have the opportunity for you work with a specialist adviser from the National Careers Service. Alternatively, if you want to sit-in with your child on their careers appointment this is also possible - just ask!


The college's Careers Advisers can be contacted via our contact page or via their direct contacts below:

Tina Preston Tina.Preston@Hartlepoolfe.ac.uk Tel: 01429 283813

Rachel Ness Rachel.Ness@hartlepoolfe.ac.uk Tel: 01429 404149


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