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Another great partnership

Left to right : Darren Hankey, Judith Hildreth and Greg Hildreth

We have teamed up with Alice House Hospice have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will lead to closer working for the two organisations. Moving forward, the partnership will encompass a wide variety of activities such as the College fund-raising efforts specifically for the Hospice and the Hospice providing the College’s students work experience opportunities at its Wells Avenue site.

Judith Hildreth, Senior Fundraising Manager at the Hospice said, “The partnership is important for a number of key reasons. Firstly, both organisations are based in Hartlepool and have a strong sense of place and for doing the right things in the town. Secondly, both organisations work hard to ensure sufficient income is generated for their respective businesses and that the services offered to their respective clients/service users are of good quality.  This partnership aims to ensure both organisations can benefit from each other’s areas of expertise for mutual benefit.”

Darren Hankey, Principal at the College, commented, “The College is physically in the centre of the town and that’s the role we want to play in the wider community, too.  We have a long and well-established track record of working with Alice House Hospice from raising funds to our construction students helping build a garden wall. The signing of this agreement strengthens the partnership which is great for the two organisations and the wider community.”
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