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Building a future

The construction sector needs thousands of skilled new workers - and Hartlepool College is helping it to find the right people. Gain industry-recognised qualifications, work with well- established local businesses and prepare for a starting salary of over £29,000 once you qualify - with a construction apprenticeship here at Hartlepool College of Further Education. 

As North East firms expand to meet growing demand for homes, combined with an ageing workforce, the construction industry and building sector in the UK needs 120,000 skilled new workers over the next few years. John Cartwright, Head of the School of Construction and Building Services at Hartlepool College says that it is now an exciting time to be working in the construction industry. “There are so many great building and construction firms based in the North East at the moment; there’s been so much growth in the past five years and businesses just can’t keep up with the demand for skilled staff.”

John Cartwright, Head of the School of Construction and Building Services at Hartlepool College, with students in the College’s dedicated, industry-standard facilities

The Government aim to build 300,000 new houses a year in the lead-up to 2022 and many apprentices are needed to fill the emerging skills gap. John continued “The bonus of this demand for apprentices is that there are many different routes apprentices can take when they start at Hartlepool College, from carpentry and painting, to quantity surveying. It’s not a ‘one size fits all."

Scott Gretton, Director of GSC Construction Ltd is a  College success story. He said “I did a construction apprenticeship at Hartlepool College and I now run my own successful business. I owe a lot to the College, I learned a lot during my time there, made some great contacts and I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to give back to young people in the area. Apprenticeships are a great way to learn skills and put them into practice plus you get to earn money at the same time, it's a win-win situation."

Skilled apprentices are in high demand once they have qualified, with the construction industry ranking in one of the top five industries for starting salaries, alongside legal and education. According to  Reed, the average salary in the construction sector is over £43,000. Ambitious apprentices can not only start their own companies but can also rapidly progress in the business world.

Victoria Beattie, Director of Property and Assets at Gateshead Housing is one of the many who are taking on apprentices with the help of Hartlepool College. Victoria said “If you work hard and are willing to learn during your apprenticeship, the sky’s the limit. Three of the four heads of service at Gateshead Housing started as apprentices.”

John Cartwright concluded “A lot of young people aren’t aware that an apprenticeship is an option for them when they are at school, or they might be talked into going down an academic route instead. I’d urge any young person who is considering a construction apprenticeship to get in touch with us. We might be able to help you build a successful career in the industry.”

 For more information on Construction Apprenticeships please go to our dedicated page here >>
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