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Mo's Incredible Journey

Mohamad Albadei

So when we talk about incredible journeys, none has been quite as incredible as that of Mohamad Albadei . Mo 23  has travelled over 3,000 miles from Damascus in Syria to arrive in the UK as an Asylum Seeker. Travelling all alone at the age of 20 leaving Mother, Father and all of his family and friends behind, Mo made his way to mainland Europe from his war-torn home, a treacherous journey which involved him living in the jungle Calais for over eight months.

Arriving in England Mo was initially placed in London, before being transported to Hartlepool, a place he had never even heard of. But this didn’t deter Mo, he soon made many friends in the town and truly thinks of it as home and soon received refugee status. As Mo wanted to improve his English, as quickly as possible, he enrolled on an English Language course. 

Mo who had already passed a Level 4 qualification in Electrical Installation at the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Damascus wanted to continue in a profession he loved. His next aim was to begin an electrical course here at Hartlepool College. Mo has been a phenomenal success at the college and the Tutors often comment on his knowledge and electrical abilities. Mo hopes to gain an Apprenticeship next year, whilst studying for the second year of his course. Mo has said of his experience at College - "The College has given great opportunities for my future development, as well as introducing me to lots of good people, including staff and classmates."

His course tutor. Paul Brown said "This year Mo has been one of our outstanding students, despite language difficulties. His work ethic, commitment, motivation etc have been exemplary. We fully expect him to be a success in his chosen profession’"

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Mo with Syrian friends in Calais

A still from 'A Place I Call Home' Video - watch the video below from 12minutes 50secs for more of Mo's story. >>
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