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Teaching Meets Recycling: Leah's Journey

Leah Frayer at J&B Recyling Plant
Leah Frater at J&B Recycling Plant (Hartlepool) during her work experience in their Marketing Team.

Here at Hartlepool College, our commitment to providing students with comprehensive and practical learning experiences has always been unwavering. Leah Frater, one of our esteemed Art & Design lecturers, exemplifies this dedication. Leah's journey embodies the seamless connection between academic study and industry, showcasing how educators can make meaningful contributions that leave a lasting impact.

Leah's venture into the world of industry began with J&B Recycling, a renowned recycling firm known for its steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Instead of confining herself to the traditional boundaries of the classroom, Leah eagerly embraced the opportunity to gain invaluable real-world experience. Joining the marketing team at J&B Recycling, Leah not only gained insights into the intricate workings of the recycling sector but also injected a fresh perspective into the company's operations. Her academic background served as a solid foundation, while her newfound industry knowledge allowed her to contribute significantly to the team.

Yet, Leah's journey transcended the realms of professional development and marketing intricacies. It was a quest to grasp the essence of recycling itself. As she delved deeper into the processes and techniques, Leah uncovered the complexities and intricacies of transforming waste into reusable materials. She realized that the recycling sector wasn't merely about machines and processes but held a vision for a more sustainable future. During her time at J&B Recycling, Leah made a substantial impact on the marketing team. Recognizing a critical gap in the market, she utilized her expertise as an educator to address a pressing need: comprehensive educational materials targeting the younger generation. While numerous recycling initiatives existed, there was a notable absence of educational content designed to engage and inform students effectively.

Drawing on her pedagogical skills, Leah played a pivotal role in developing J&B Recycling's educational program, specifically tailored for their website and aimed at schools and colleges. This initiative was not just about disseminating information but about shaping perspectives and instilling sustainable habits among the youth.

Leah's tenure with J&B Recycling marked a transformative journey, where she not only enriched her own understanding and skills but also left an indelible mark on the company. The educational program she helped shape, still evolving, stands as a testament to her vision and unwavering dedication.

J&B Recycling continues to hope that schools and colleges will leverage their online resources to mold the minds of young individuals toward a more sustainable future. Leah Frater is a shining example of how a passionate individual can bridge the gap between academia and industry, making meaningful contributions that endure.

To explore Leah's legacy and the educational resources she helped create, visit


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