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COVID 19 ~ Message from the Principal ~ Update 22.05.2020

Covid19 Update 22.05.2020 ~ Message from the Principal


Today marks the end of this half term.  In the College’s 170-year history, it’s probably the first half term that our activities have solely been done remotely.  Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your resolve and the way you have conducted yourself.  I’ve heard of many great achievements and this truly makes me proud to be the Principal of our fine College.

What happens next?

Please seek clarification from your tutor re the information below.

Most of you have submitted work which will now be used to calculate your grade for the year.  This grade will ultimately be moderated by the relevant awarding organisation (City & Guilds, Pearson, ONE Awards etc) to ensure you and other students following the same qualification are treated fairly.

For some students, mainly those on practical courses, you still have some of this work to do.  With this in mind, we are planning to re-open at some point in June – details to follow – to ensure you can complete your qualification.  Please bear with us regarding this.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of consider and you can be rest assured that your heath, safety and welfare are foremost in our minds.

What about next year?

We are planning to open in time for the 2020/21 academic year.  At this moment, it’s not clear how coronavirus will pan out over the coming months and it is most likely we will have to do things differently.  That said, planning is taking place to ensure you can receive high quality education and training in the safest of environments. 

For your specific progression queries, whether you are progressing to university, staying at the College or looking for work; please contact Student Services >>

For any other Support, Safeguarding and Prevent Concerns >>

Thank you 

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19+ adult
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